Event Testimonial – Charlie Sheppard, Centers for Spiritual Living Practitioner Council Chair

Attendees loved the impact Linda Jackson made at our recent CSL Practitioner Gathering in Lakewood Colorado. She was entertaining and thought provoking. She easily commanded the attention of our 150 practitioners. She moved us through mind-expanding processes and creative activities and interfaced her program with our event musician to create a seamless flow. She brought great value to our program – I’m hoping to have her back again this year!


From 20-minute mini-sessions to 2-hour workshops to full day or weekend events, Linda will work with you to create the experience that will best serve your audience and your desired outcome.

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Return to Joy

Using heart-centered processes, attendees begin to shift in consciousness as we uncover old beliefs that have been driving behaviors. Empowered to make new choices, we incorporate powerful affirmations and creative activities along with some simple physical movement to support full embodiment of the shifts. Transform your life experience from the inside out! Check out these videos for a sample of the content.

Awaken Your Purpose

Attendees connect with their true essence and learn how to bring fulfillment to everything they do. Replacing self-doubt with self-confidence, they connect with their inherent power and clarify their true calling. Through profound inner processes, limiting beliefs are transformed into powerful resources for growth as inspired action steps are established for immediate application to daily life.

Awaken your purpose and experience your full potential! 


Uncover the Spirit of Your Brand

Inquire about creating a custom group experience based on Linda’s proprietary Uncover the Spirit of Your Brand process supporting the idea that the collective energy of everyone involved in an organization contributes to the brand’s essence and success. And by bringing that collective energy into alignment with the organization’s Values, Vision and Purpose, we support the individuals, the team, the organization and the entire brand.

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We also offer Uncover the Spirit of Your Brand for entrepreneurs.



Group Painting

Creative Group Experiences and Events

Whether you are looking for a more general team celebration using creative interpretation such as collaborative paintings and murals, or more specific outcome-driven activities that elicit inspired action steps, we will develop the perfect creative solution for the needs of your organization.

• Establish deeper and more productive connections
• Inspire creative thinking and problem solving
• Establish a unified Vision, Mission, and /or Purpose
• Resolve conflict and develop greater understanding
• Celebrate milestones
• Engage in the joy of creative expression

We work together to design a powerful experience to solidify what is already working with your team, to transform your group weaknesses into strengths, and to create success by working from the inside out!

For more information, please call 312.498.1146 or email.