Return to Joy Card Deck


Three types of cards support your growth:

TIP – Expand Conscious Thoughts
TRICK – Transform Subconscious Beliefs
JOYRIDE – Create Joy in the World

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Joy is a choice! You may not be able to change what has happened but you can change how you choose to be in relationship to it. Using this deck will transform your experience from the inside out and shift the world around you through the intention of creating joy!

The Return to Joy deck is based on the idea that your thoughts and beliefs ultimately become the experience of your life (“cause and effect”) and when you change your thinking you change your life.

There are three types of cards to support transformation:

Expand Conscious Thoughts

TIP cards are used to expand awareness and remind you of your natural state of well being… joy, love, peace, etc.

Transform Subconscious Beliefs

TRICK cards offer practices or tricks to transform limiting beliefs and behaviors and shift ways of being.

Create Experiences in the World

JOY RIDE cards invite you to create experiences of joy in the world to reinforce new thoughts and beliefs in both your personal experience and the collective.