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Spiritual Practitioner and Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist

My life work is to support individuals and organizations to connect with their inner spark and to bring it’s full expression into the world. My most recent adventure is Return to Joy - supporting you to experience JOY regardless of the appearance of the circumstances around you – to “wake up” and create the life you desire.

In addition to seeing individual clients, I lead transformative group experiences and have developed and led workshops on a variety of personal growth topics, including my proprietary process – Uncover the Spirit of Your Brand™. I am an artist, speaker and teacher bringing over 20 years of brand-identity design development with an intuitive sense that connects me quickly to clients’ needs.

I am the Founder and Creative Director of Pear Design; a Practitioner Licensed by Centers for Spiritual Living based in Golden, Colorado; an Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist certified by the Wellness Institute out of Seattle, Washington; and a Bright Livelihoods Career Coach. I serve on the Bodhi Spiritual Center Care Council in Chicago and recently completed my second year as the Chair of the Centers for Spiritual Living Practitioner Council.

I would love to support you as a Self-Awareness Teacher, Life Purpose Mentor, Career and Brand Coach, Emotional Guide and Joy Rider!

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