About Linda

About Linda

Having experienced the benefits of her own transformation, Linda is inspired to share her passion by working with others on their spiritual journeys. Linda's insights will change the way you view your circumstances and create a shift in your life experience. Whether you are working through a challenging time or a seeker on your path to expansion, she will provide you with spiritual tools to release blocks and establish powerful resources for your growth. Linda is committed to assisting you to live to your fullest potential.

In addition to seeing individual clients, Linda leads transformative group experiences and has developed and led workshops on a variety of personal growth topics, including her proprietary process – Uncover the Spirit of Your Brand™. Linda received her Practitioner License from Centers for Spiritual Living based in Golden, Colorado and is certified as an Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist by the Wellness Institute out of Seattle, Washington. Linda serves on the Bodhi Spiritual Center Care Council in Chicago and recently completed her second year as the Chair of the Centers for Spiritual Living Practitioner Council.

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